Will They Stay Wild & Free?

Last year on March 22nd, with absolutely no notice, the management of Theodore Roosevelt National Park started culling horses from the park. 

The park generally targets the younger horses, aged 4 months old to 3 years old.  They ONLY manage the horses by number of horses in the park with no regard for science and genetics to ensure the viability and health of this herd.  Based on the past management practices of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, there are currently approximately 70 horses in this age group that will be captured and auctioned off.    

We have been working hard in our advocacy work for the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, but we need your help!

Since these horses are NOT protected under the Wild Horse & Burro Act, we are trying to get legislation introduced into Congress through the Natural Resources Committee, similar to the Shackleford Banks wild horses under Public Law 105-229.  Since our ND Congressman, Kelly Armstrong, does not serve on this committee, we have reached out to his peers for their support.  We are thankful that TWO members of congress on this committee have responded to us – Congresswoman DeGette and Congressman Cohen!

We believe this is an amazing opportunity for Congressman Armstrong to help protect the wild horses in his home state.  We are excited to have potentially found TWO members of the Natural Resources Committee that that can help our congressman make this happen!

Please contact Congressman Kelly Armstrong’s staff member, Mary Christy.  You can call Mary at Congressman Armstrong’s Fargo office at (701) 353-6665.

When you call, we suggest you say something like this: 

 “Hi my name is ____ and I am a constituent living in [City/state]. I’m calling because I’m concerned about the wellbeing of the wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I ask that you please ensure these horses get the federal protection they need, similar to the way that Public Law 105-229 protects the Shackleford Banks wild horses.”

You do not have to be a resident of the state of North Dakota to advocate for the wild horses in our state’s national park by calling our congressman.  However, we are really encouraging our North Dakota followers to make sure they take the time to call in because Congressman Armstrong represents the people of North Dakota. 

Second, as spring quickly approaches, so does the promise of warmer weather.  We believe captures are imminent.  We have no idea what the management of Theodore Roosevelt National Park has planned for the wild horses in terms of captures this year.  Their consistent lack of transparency means that we probably will not find out again until the day of they begin the captures.  Yes, this does go against several of the National Park Service’s own policies, but after years of reigning unchecked in their “management” of these horses, our legal team is FINALLY calling them out on this and many other NPS and NEPA violations.   

The United States National Parks belong to everyone!  We are asking that you call Theodore Roosevelt National Park directly!  We have a right to know what their culling plan is for this herd!  You can call TRNP at (701)623-4466.  If you do not get to talk to a live person, feel free to leave a message!

You can say something as simple as:
I am a concerned patron of your park that would like you to disclose your wild horse culling plans for 2022 including who you are targeting and when you plan to start the removals.  I am also asking that you use science and genetics when you decide which horses to cull from the herd.” 

We know that this is an emotional subject but ask that you be courteous and respectful to the people you speak with on both of these calls.  More than likely the person you will talk to has no control over any of these issues. 

There are several other advocacy efforts we are working on.  We believe that all of these together are bringing about the much-needed awareness to the years of mismanagement of this herd!  Change is inevitable! 


Please, consider making a financial donation to support Chasing Horses Wild Horses Advocates (CHWHA) as we continue to fight for the humane management of the wild horses in TRNP.  We fully believe in our legal team and appreciate their hard work and dedication.  That work understandably comes at a cost.  Our next round of legal fees is expected to be in the area of $7,000.  There are several ways you can make a donation to CHWHA listed on our website. 

We understand that not everyone is able to help support our advocacy work financially.  Sharing our posts also helps bring awareness to our advocacy work and may help us find other people who can help. 

Thank you for your support and check back soon for more updates!

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