Horse Heritage Lost?

We have had the extreme pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people on this advocating journey! This is a short list – just to name a few of them!

Frank Kuntz, a man and advocate that has led by example through his tireless passion for the advocacy of North Dakota’s wild horses.

Robert Utley, another amazing man who actually wrote the National Park Service Policies and later went on to challenge the direction the NPS was going INCLUDING how the policies he helped write were being violated by Theodore Roosevelt National Park Management.

Patrick Springer, yet another amazing man and passionate North Dakota wild horse advocate and journalist.  The link to this article has been added to our library and helps paint the picture of just how critical this moment is for the wild horses in TRNP.

Castle McLaughlin, an amazing woman who we have had the extreme pleasure of meeting in person when Frank introduced us.  Yes!  The same Castle, who to date is THE ONLY person to research the history of the wild horses in TRNP.  The same Castle who wrote the paper that is in our CHWHA online library.  The same Castle who is now retired from her years at Harvard’s Peabody Museum.  The same Castle that sent me this article today! 

You know, moments like these really make you realize how insignificant all the naysayers out there are.  

We are truly blessed to be in such good company and have such wonderful support! 

We hope you enjoy this article.  Watch for more from Patrick Springer very soon 😉 For now, please enjoy this article from 2008:

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