ROUND-UPS SUSPENDED!!!!!!! Boomer (and the other 180+ horses in TRNP) are SAFE (for now)

As promised – we have another advocacy update for you and this one is HUGE!!!!!!!

We have added a 15-page letter that was emailed TODAY and sent via certified mail to Theodore Roosevelt National Park Acting Superintendent Angie Richman. 

As you can see, our lawyers have done their homework!

In light of the information shared in this letter, we would fully expect that there will NOT be ANY additional removals or administration of GonaCon (or any other form of birth control) to ANY of the wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park – UNTIL, at the very least, their own required rules and regulations are adhered to.

We hope this helps all of you sleep a little better tonight!  Because of all of your help, support and dedication to this herd, the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park are safe while we make sure a that they are FINALLY given a proper Wild Horse Management Plan.

We will have more to share tomorrow letting you know how to incorporate this into the public comment section of the management planning website.

Thank you for your support and please help us support the amazing work that our legal team has done!

3 thoughts on “ROUND-UPS SUSPENDED!!!!!!! Boomer (and the other 180+ horses in TRNP) are SAFE (for now)

  1. I can’t say I understood a lot of the legalese in this letter but it doesn’t matter, it has given a place to start with hopes that the park service understands the important of these horse today and for the future. I will add one comment, science must play an important part in all of this so that the legacy of the horses continues. Thank you is inadequate for the time and energies you and your family have put into helping these horses.

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