How Did You Do That?

Hello and happy Friday to everyone!

We are excited to announce a NEW Horse Talk!

We get questions all of the time about how we have accomplished the things we have.  One of the big questions is how did we get the state of North Dakota to advocate WITH us for the wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park?

For me personally, I called EVERY SINGLE ONE of our representatives until someone agreed to sponsor the resolution that became SCR-4014.  All of you helped too by making phone calls and sending emails to our ND legislators as they were getting ready for another session. 

What got the attention of our state legislators?  How can their support be replicated in other states to advocate for wild horses? 

We asked ND Representative Josh Boschee to come back and talk to us and give everyone some advice and answer any questions that you may have. 

We learned during our trip to Washington DC that having our state legislators on our side was a powerful tool in our advocacy toolkit!

Josh Boschee was also instrumental in helping me understand the process of getting the resolution drafted, sponsored, and passed through our ND House & Senate. 

Fun Fact!

Josh got his start in politics through his own grassroots advocacy work!

As always, our Horse Talks are FREE, but we do ask that you register in advance.  You can register for this Horse Talk here:

We will be talking to Josh on July 24th at 5 pm MST.  We will do our best to make a recording available, but as we always say, that is up to the technology gods lol

Thank you for your support and have a GREAT day!

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