Have you read the Draft Environmental Assessment that Theodore Roosevelt National Park released today?  You can read the Draft EA here:

If you didn’t read it yet – consider this your official *spoiler alert*

If you DID read it….

Are you really shocked?

We have been saying all along that the support that has come out for these horses is amazing BUT THEY ARE STILL NOT SAFE! 

We have told you all along that since the park is drafting the EA, you should expect an EA that supports their proposed action.

And no, in spite of the number of people from Governor Burgum, Senator Hoeven, the United Tribes of North Dakota, Our North Dakota State Legislators, The North Dakota Department of Tourism, The City of Medora, The Medora Foundation, and all of the over 19,000 people who commented in the last comment period who are all saying the same thing in unison – PLEASE KEEP THE WILD HORSES IN THEODORE ROOSEVELT NATIONAL PARK BELIEVE IT – Theodore Roosevelt National Park just put out a Draft EA that supports their decision to eliminate the horses from the park!

HISTORY has shown us REPEATEDLY the park does not want the horses within the boundaries of the park!

We are sorry if you are shocked at the contents of the Draft EA. 

We are sorry if you somehow believed that the park would “do the right thing” and allow the horses to stay.

We are sorry if you thought this was over.

This next public comment period is critical.  It is also EXTREMELY critical that your comments are impactful. 

I have spent the whole afternoon on the phone with different contacts as well as reading through the entire 97-page report personally.  There is A LOT to digest here.  I will be making a series of posts over the next few days to break this up in smaller pieces.  I am trying to answer as many of your questions as possible, please understand my time is limited. The 30-day clock is ticking and there is a lot that needs to be done. Please take the time to read our blogs, you may find the answers to your questions there over the next few days.

I am also going to ask that you hold off making any comments yet.  We have 30 days (and counting) – so please let us get some talking points together for your comment letter so that it can be as strong as possible.  PLEASE REFRAIN FROM SENDING ANY FORM LETTERS AS A COMMENT!!! The Park has stated repeatedly and again in this EA that form letters are insignificant to this process.

And PLEASE consider supporting our extremely critical advocacy work.  This fight is far from over and we need everyone’s help to save this herd. 

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