Civic Engagement Update

We received a response from Superintendent Angie Richman on our email regarding the Civic Engagement meeting scheduled for October 3, 2023 at 6 pm MST. The meeting will be rescheduled. We will update you when we have details.

You can read her email below. Also note the quotes she uses in her email signature.

Ms. Kman, 

This was an oversight, I was aware of the city council meeting but was unaware of the change to winter hours and conflict with the Park’s meeting. We are working to find another evening where this will work with the NPS team and not conflict with other meetings. We will post the information on our planning page as soon as it is scheduled: . Thank you for letting us know.

Throughout this planning process we have held our public meetings over a virtual platform. To maintain consistency, we are holding this one virtually as well. We have also found that we have higher participation when the meeting is available in this format. 


Angie Richman
Theodore Roosevelt National Park

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