Is There ANY Hope for the TRNP Horses?

I can’t tell you how many times I was asked a similar question this week.

My short answer is yes.

Here is why – the long answer:

I have said this before – my #1 pet peeve is wasting my time.  I would not be spending the countless hours that I am advocating for this herd if I did not think we could save them. 

We have all of the right people advocating with us: Senator Hoeven, Governor Burgum, our North Dakota state legislators, national wild horse advocacy groups like American Wild Horse Campaign, and In Defense of Animals, smaller wild horse advocacy groups like Save Our Wild Horses, Oregon Wild Horse Organization and countless others, amazing wild horse photographers like Sandy Sharkey, Jen Britton, Heather Hellyer and countless others, wild horse advocates like Scott Beckstead and Ashley Avis.  People like Frank Kuntz and Dr. Castle McLaughlin who are STILL fighting for this herd! I could go on and on.

On top of that, we have an amazing legal team at Eubanks & Associates. 

The Park finally showed us their hand this week.  Now the long battle begins.  We know what we are fighting, and it is time to fight.

We are literally Fighting for the Spirit of the Badlands!

That EA is disheartening.  I know.  I went through every range of emotions reading it.  An advocacy friend and I took turns calling each other countless times as we read the EA – “Did you see page XX – I can’t even believe they are saying this!”

As I read through the EA in total disbelief, I laughed, I cried, I was angry, I screamed.  I took breaks from reading when it got to be too much. 

Do what you have to, but PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP!


And these horses need every single one of us to fight for them. 

Chasing Horses is doing everything we can to save this herd.  Please continue to support our work.  This is a long battle, and our fight is far from over.  It will take the hard work of ALL of us to save this herd. 

Look at that list again.  That’s pretty impressive.  There are very few, if any, wild horse herds that can say they have that kind of support.  We are proud that we can, (and we intend to) utilize every single person on and off that list to help us fight for this herd!

We hope you will add your name to the list.

Chin up Buttercup!  We are all in this together and you are in pretty good company 😉

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  1. The photo of Half Moon’s band is AMAZING, I did see the small rainbow among the storm clouds, HOPE!!!!! We have to keep up the fight for these very special horses!!!! Angels here on Earth!!!!

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