In Defense of Superintendent Angie Richman

We have received several emails, comments and private messages that blame current Theodore Roosevelt National Park Superintendent Angie Richman for the current “Livestock Management Plan” that includes the park’s “proposed action” to eliminate ALL of the wild horses from the park’s boundaries. The truth is that the budget for this management plan takes time toContinue reading “In Defense of Superintendent Angie Richman”

How to make YOUR comment count

The #1 question we have been getting is about WHAT to comment.  Let’s look at what Theodore Roosevelt National Park has said they are looking for from YOU during this public comment period: You are invited to submit comments on the information in this newsletter, the preliminary alternatives, proposed action, and what the EA shouldContinue reading “How to make YOUR comment count”

We are ALL Fighting for you!

We are so happy to announce the support we are getting from our North Dakota legislators.  We have updated our North Dakota supports TRNP’s wild horses page: – YOU WILL WANT TO MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS!  There have been some INTERESTING developments today! More than anything, we hope this helps you see thatContinue reading “We are ALL Fighting for you!”

North Dakota State Resolution

Chasing Horses Wild Horse Advocates has just submitted the following proposed concurrent resolution to one of our North Dakota state legislators. They will review and modify the document if need be and take care of all of the legalities associated with it. The concurrent resolution will be submitted by January 26th to be voted onContinue reading “North Dakota State Resolution”

What should my comment letter look like?

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is in the process of putting together a “livestock” management plan for the wild horses that call the park home.  So what SHOULD you comment? If you do not understand the NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) process, please watch our presentation that explains that: This post will assume you understandContinue reading “What should my comment letter look like?”