THE CAPTURES ARE COMING!!!! THE CAPTURES ARE COMING!!!! The photo we have shared comes from the link above and shows park staff using outriders to capture the wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park back in 1954.  This shows us that horse captures in TRNP are nothing new.  They have been capturing the horses since they realized they were fenced into theContinue reading “THE CAPTURES ARE COMING!!!! THE CAPTURES ARE COMING!!!!”

“You have to know the past to understand the present.” ~ Carl Sagan

“You have to know the past to understand the present.” ~ Carl Sagan Today we wanted to take a moment to talk about birth control and the Theodore Roosevelt National Park (TRNP) wild horse herd.  In 2009, Colorado State University (CSU) began what it called a “Birth Control Study” on the wild horses in TRNP.Continue reading ““You have to know the past to understand the present.” ~ Carl Sagan”

Contraception Study on the Wild Horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park

This is the article where Dr. Dan Baker, Colorado State University (CSU), talks about what a “perfect laboratory” Theodore Roosevelt National Park is back in 2014. Laboratory = EXPERIMENTS CSU experimented on our horses for over 10 years. We will have more interesting information to share on this later today so stay tuned!

Update on our Advocacy Efforts

Hello!  I wanted to share some updates and information with you regarding Chasing Horses Wild Horse Advocates. The photos attached to this post are from the spring of this year when the park was capturing the horses.  This is Mare Papoose chasing the sled that carried her 1-year-old filly named Betsy that was captured andContinue reading “Update on our Advocacy Efforts”

Are the Horses in TRNP “safe”

Another thing that is often talked about or asked as a question is “Are these horses safe?”As we said, these horses are managed by the National Park Service (NPS) NOT the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Theodore Roosevelt National Park (TRNP) used to conduct round ups every couple of years using a helicopter and outridersContinue reading “Are the Horses in TRNP “safe””