Calls to Action

Here you will find the current Calls to Action that Chasing Horses Wild Horse Advocates needs your help with

Call to Action 4/15/2023

ALL ask some questions in the horse portal they created!

Questions to the park have to be submitted here:

Please make sure your questions are formulated to ask pointed questions.  In other words, please don’t express anger or ask questions that will not warrant an answer.

Some questions we suggest are:

Again, you are free to ask whatever questions you would like answered.  They are supposed to post the answers in a timely manner on the website.  We will continue to check and let you know if they answer.  If you submit other questions, please let us know!

Call to Action 3/11/2023

Please help support the Veterans for Mustangs Act! We are asking that you send an email to President Biden and Vice President Harris along with our US Senators and Congressmen asking them to support HR 726! We made it easy for you!

The wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park have gotten A LOT of support lately. One name is missing from our list! North Dakota Congressman Kelly Armstrong! Please email Congressman Armstrong and ask him to support keeping the wild horses IN Theodore Roosevelt National Park!

You can email Congressman Armstrong here:

Our friends at Save Our Wild Horses (SOWH are asking for help to make an impact on their 2023 Postcard Campaign! They are asking that you send a postcard to President Biden at the White House and also your own US Senators and Congressmen.  You can order postcards from them on their website.

The 2023 Postcard Campaign will help set the stage for the 2nd Annual Save Our Wild Horses Conference that will be held in April in Washington DC! 

The CHWHA board discussed how our organization and followers could help make an impact on this campaign for SOWH.  CHWHA will either send you a postcard that features the wild horses that call Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora, ND home that you can use to send in your message. 


We would be happy to fill out your postcard and mail it for you!  Each person who signs up on our website will have one postcard sent to President Biden and there is also a place on our website for you to add the name(s) of your US Senator and/or Congressmen with your own personal message!

CHWHA is NOT charging anything for this Postcard Campaign.  If you are able to make a donation to help cover postage fees, that would be appreciated but is NOT necessary!

To answer this “Call to Action” simply click on this  link: