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Welcome to our library! Here you will find articles, videos and papers that we have collected over the years that pertain to the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora, ND.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Civic Engagement Report July 2022

The Chasing Horses Wild Horse Advocates comment letter for the first round of comments for the NEW wild horse management plan

1978 Environmental Assessment – currently being used to manage the wild horses of TRNP

The letter that our legal team sent to Theodore Roosevelt National Park on 3/21/2022!

TRNP Livestock Management Plan Newsletter – March 2022

The only person to date that has done any research on the origin of the wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park was Castle McLaughlin. This paper was published in 1989 when Castle was a graduate student at Columbia U in NYC and an interpretive ranger for Knife River Indian Villages NHS (NPS) in Stanton, N.D. Castle has recently retired after 25 years of being a curator at Harvard’s Peabody Museum

Castle also wrote Badlands Broomtails A Cultural History of Wild Horses in North Dakota

National Academy of Sciences report: BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program: A Way Forward

Dr. Dan Baker, head of Colorado State University’s (CSU) “Birth Control Study” that was done at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, gives an overview of his experiment on our horses to an audience of his peers at the Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Fertility Control Workshop  held on November 8, 2018 in Albuquerque, NM.  

BLM Wild Horse & Burro Handbook

the Nokota horse is the honorary equine of North Dakota

Plans for wild horse herd at Theodore Roosevelt National Park range from no change to no horses

The National Park Service is reexamining its management of more than 180 horses for the first time since it adopted an environmental assessment in 1978. Options range from maintaining the current program to allowing the herd to “live out their lives in the park.”

This is a copy of the partnership agreement between North Dakota Badlands Horse (NDBH) and Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The partnership has since been dissolved, but according to NDBH’s website, “NDBH and TRNP have an informal partnership which allows NDBH volunteers to help TRNP staff with the captures, working through the system as Vet preparation, helping with the Vet., helping the Brand Inspector and paying for brand inspection, and loading out horses. NDBH pulls and sends in hair samples for DNA testing.” This is important because if you read through their partnership, you will see the essence of this agreement is that NDBH agreed to help TRNP park management with the capture and sale of the horses. NDBH both partnered with TRNP Park Management to decimate this herd AND continues to profit from the sale of the horses in TRNP.

In 2018, a research paper was released entitled “Genetic Diversity and the origin of the feral horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park” You can read the entire report here:

KX News interview regarding the wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park 3/25/2021

KX News interview regarding the wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park 2/1/2021

Dr. Jenny Powers discusses her successes developing a remote dart to administer birth control – being tested on the mares in TRNP. Presentation was given to her peers at the Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Fertility Control Workshop  held on November 8, 2018 in Albuquerque, NM.  

The portal that Theodore Roosevelt National Park management uses to share information with the public about the wild horses. This is the only way they will communicate with the public.

PDF version of NPS Management Policies (2006)

Colorado State University’s Project Proposal to the BLM for 2015-2020.


BLM Wild Horse and Burro Research Background Materials for Advisory Board, June 2021

Interview with Robert Utley

Thunderbear’s Newsletter #280

Wranglers round up horses, bison in
park, Helicopters help lead animals to

Fargo Forum 10/9/1997

Badlands horses gathered for culling
Dickinson Press 10/3/2000

History of park horses is debated
Dickinson Press 10/28/2007

Park plans auction of feral horses
The Dickinson Press 5/13/2008

TRNP mustangs to be auctioned
Park to test birth control on mares to maintain
herd sizes

Fargo Forum 9/25/2009

Wild horses epitomize the Badlands
Bismarck Tribune 10/4/2009

Man injured when wild horse from
Roosevelt park jumps fence at sale
Other than that, roundup, auction called a success

Associated Press 10/25/2009

UND researchers study origin of
horses at Theodore Roosevelt park

Grand Forks Herald 8/12/2018

Advocates of wild horses want herding changes at
N.D.’s Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Fargo Forum 9/9/2019

Park to resume birth control of wild
Theodore Roosevelt rangers hope to minimize

Fargo Forum 9/17/2019

Interview with Castle McLaughlinpart 1

Interview with Castle McLaughlinpart 2

Preserving the Legacy of North Dakota’s Wild Horses


Nokota Horse Conservancy, Inc. v. Bernhardt

Nokota Horse Conservancy, Inc. v. Bernhardt, 666 F. Supp. 2d 1073 | Casetext Search + Citator

Minnesota group’s attempts to market Badlands wild horses halted by judge

Minnesota group’s attempts to market Badlands wild horses halted by judge | Park Rapids Enterprise

History, management of park horses being debated

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Categorical Exclusion Documentation Form (CE Form) 9/8/2020.

Management of Feral Horses in the
National Park Service
by Jenny Powers

Reimmunization increases contraceptive effectiveness of gonadotropin-releasing
hormone vaccine (GonaCon-Equine) in free-ranging horses (Equus caballus): Limitations and side effects