Please help us keep our billboard up!

This billboard is scheduled to be installed on I-94 just 30 miles from Theodore Roosevelt National Park on 5/15/2023! Can you help us keep it up? The cost for this billboard is $975 per month! We believe this will be a GREAT way to reach some of the 800,000 people traveling to Theodore Roosevelt National Park this year! You can hit the donate button above to help or click here for more donation options:

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The Countdown Begins!

Hello and Happy Monday to everyone! We are finalizing all of the wonderful items we have for our online silent auction that starts September 24th at 6 am MST!  We know there are more items coming and we will continue to get them added to our auction website.  If you have an item you would…

Silent Auction Reminder

Hello!  We just wanted to send out a reminder to those of you who would like to help support the work being done by Chasing Horses Wild Horse Advocates to save the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  As you know, Theodore Roosevelt National Park is currently working on a NEW wild horse management…


Hello and Happy Wednesday to everyone! I came across this quote this morning and wanted to share: “If you stay silent about a problem to keep the peace, there is a zero percent chance that the problem gets fixed.” ~ Kalen Dion Thank you to all of you who have been actively advocating with us…

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