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This billboard is scheduled to be installed on I-94 just 30 miles from Theodore Roosevelt National Park on 5/15/2023! Can you help us keep it up? The cost for this billboard is $975 per month! We believe this will be a GREAT way to reach some of the 800,000 people traveling to Theodore Roosevelt National Park this year! You can hit the donate button below to help or click here for more donation options:

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The Simple Math

Hello and Happy Wednesday to everyone! Today we thought we would talk about MATH. I feel like we have all had to “relearn” basic math.  You know – the “new” math on paper products.  Paper towels 6=12; toilet paper 48=72, etc. Today we wanted to share some “advocacy math” with you.  Did you know that…

NEW Call to Action 5/30/2023

Hello and Happy Tuesday!  We hope everyone had a GREAT holiday weekend! Are you ready to pull up your sleeves and get back to work? We have a meeting with Congressman Armstrong’s office THURSDAY (6/1/2023)! We have sent HUNDREDS of postcards to Congressman Armstrong’s office over this last week!  THANK YOU! Over the weekend, we…

YouTube and Call to Action Updates!

Hello and Happy Monday! Happy Memorial Day to everyone! Did you get to see Dr. Dan Baker & Ginger Fedak’s Horse Talk from yesterday?  It was pretty awesome!  If you missed it, you can watch it on our YouTube channel here: People are also STILL talking about our Horse Talk on Friday with President…

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