North Dakota supports TRNP’s wild horses!

We have some GOOD NEWS to share in our fight to save the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park!

Chasing Horses Wild Horse Advocates (CHWHA) has been working with North Dakota State Representative Josh Boschee to help save the iconic wild horses that call Theodore Roosevelt National Park home.  On January 19, 2023, CHWHA submitted a resolution to Representative Boschee.  Representative Boschee is currently looking over the resolution and will make any necessary edits before it is submitted Friday (1/20/2023) for formal drafting.  He/we will also then be looking for co-sponsors for this resolution, which we do not believe will be an issue.  Both Representative Boschee and other state legislators that we have spoken with believe this resolution will pass.

You can view the resolution that was submitted by CHWHA here:

Representative Boschee is continuing to advocate with us in other ways!

TODAY Representative Boschee sent the following certified letter and email to Superintendent Angie Richman and Regional Director Herbert Frost.  You can read the letter here:

THANK YOU to ALL of our North Dakota state legislators and especially to Representative Josh Boschee for working so hard to help keep our TRNP wild horses WILD AND FREE!! 

Be sure to thank your state legislators for their support, and a special thanks to Representative Josh Boschee for sponsoring this resolution and for his letter to the park today.  You can email Josh at

Thank you North Dakota for stepping up and helping us fight to keep our ONLY wild horse herd WILD & FREE!