Call to Action – The Wild Horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park Need Your Help!

Last year on March 22, 2021, Theodore Roosevelt National Park announced on the horse portal on their website that they were beginning captures of the young horses at 8 am THAT DAY!

While the park has not mentioned anything on the horse portal for this year, we anticipate that captures will be starting again soon this year. You can view their horse portal here:

While we understand that it is necessary to cull the herd, we have asked repeatedly that TRNP follow their own National Park Service Guidelines and use science and genetics as a guide when they cull the herd. 

We have also shared our concerns regarding the 11 years of experimentation that Colorado State University was allowed to do with the horses in TRNP, as they perfected the use of GonaCon as a method of birth control with the ability to permanently sterilize horses.

The constant culling of the youngest members of the herd, the concerns regarding how many of our mares are now permanently sterilized, combined with the natural aging of these horses has made Chasing Horses Wild Horse Advocates deeply concerned for this herd ability to survive and thrive for generations to come. 

We have spoken with our North Dakota Congressman Kelly Armstrong.  His office has stated that he would support legislation IF it was presented.  Sadly, he does not serve on the House Natural Resources Committee.  The suggestion from his office was to contact the members of that committee and express our concerns. 

Public Law 105-229 was created to protect the Shackleford Banks wild horses that are managed by the National Park Service, the same as the TRNP wild horses, in Cape Lookout National Seashore.  We are asking that the TRNP horses receive the same protection. You can read more about them here:

We have complied a list of congressman and senators on their respective committees.  We have also listed the state they represent, although as a member of this committee, you do not need to be a constituent of their state to contact them.

Because many of you have asked, we have created a short email that you can send and sign your name to.  If you prefer to call their offices, their phone numbers are also listed below.  Please make sure you let them know that Congressman Kelly Armstrong supports protecting the wild horses in his home state of North Dakota. You can also copy Congressman Armstrong’s office on your emails:

We will keep you updated on our progress. Thank you for your support!

Here is an email template you can use. Feel free to customize it!

I am writing to you today to ask that legislation be introduced to make sure ALL of our wild horses are protected.  The wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, just like any other United States National Park, are NOT protected under the Wild Horse and Burro Act.  I am asking that these horses be given protection in the same manner that the wild horses of the Shackleford Banks from the Cape Lookout National Seashore are under Public Law 105-229.

The issues facing the wild horses within Theodore Roosevelt National Park could easily be addressed with a wild horse management plan.  The park has never had a management plan for these horses.  They have repeatedly promised a management plan to the public but somehow have failed to put one together in almost 70 years.  The latest promise was that the process would begin in the fall of 2021.  I am still waiting for the public hearings to begin on that process.  Past practices do not help provide any optimism on the probability of a wild horse management plan for the horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

The travesties the wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park have faced are a direct result of there not being any laws in place to protect them. 

North Dakota Congressman Kelly Armstrong has stated that he will support legislation to protect North Dakota’s wild horses.  Unfortunately, he does not serve on the Natural Resources Committee. 

We are hoping that you will see the value of the true iconic national treasure we have in the wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park and help enact legislation to protect them.  It has already been done for the Shackleford Banks wild horses in the Cape Lookout National Seashore, who are also under the jurisdiction of the NPS.  I believe that the historical significance of the wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park are equally worth protection.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Contacts for the House Natural Resources Committee:

Congressman Jared Hoffman, California: contact: Anthony Montoya – email:  Phone: 202-225-5161

Congressman Mike Levin, California: contact: Oliver Edelson – email: Phone: 202-225-3906

Congresswoman Teresa Leger Fernandez, New Mexico: contact: James Green – email and Rachel Montoya email:  Phone: 202-225-6190

Congresswoman Julia Brownley, California: contact: Meghan Pazik – email: Phone: 202-225-5811

Congressman Michael San Nicolas, Guam: email: Phone: 202-225-1188

Congressman Ed Case, Hawaii: contact: Kainan Miranda – email:  Phone: 202-225-2726

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, Michigan: contact: Tom Clancy – email:
Andrew Goddeeris – email –  Phone: 202-225-5126

Congresswoman Grace Napolitano, California: contact: Morgan Leonard – email:  Phone: 202-225-5256

Congressman Joe Neguse, Colorado: contact: Abbie Callahan – email: Phone: 202-225-2161

Congresswoman Katie Porter, California: contact: Evie Kirschke-Schwartz – email:  Phone: 202-225-5611

Congresswoman Diana DeGette, Colorado: contact: Nikki Roy – email: Phone: 202-225-4431

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, Michigan: contact: Timothy Heubner – email:  Phone: 202-225-4071

Congressman Darren Soto, Florida: contact: Andrea Valdes – email:  Phone: 202-225-9889

Congressman Jesus Garcia, Illinois: contact: Lanette Garcia – email:  Phone: 202-225-8203

Congresswoman Betty McCollum, Minnesota: contact: Rebecca Taylor – email:  Phone: 202-225-5076

Congresswoman Lori Trahan, Massachusetts: contact: Elya Taichman – email  Phone: 202-225-3411

Congressman Bruce Westerman, Arkansas: contact: Janet Rossi – email:  Phone: 202-225-3772

Congressman Louie Gohmert, Texas: contact: Graham Wise – email:  Phone: 202-225-3035

Congressman Rob Wittman, Virginia: contact: Curran Smolinsky – email:  Phone: 202-225-4261

Congressman Garret Graves, Louisiana: contact: Taylor Playforth – email:  Phone: 202-225-3901

Congresswoman Jennifer Gonzalez Colon, Puerto Rico: contact: Gabriel Bravo – email:  Phone: 202-225-2615

Congressman Pete Stauber, Minnesota: contact: Andrew Morley – email:  Phone: 202-225-6211

Congressman Blake Moore, Utah: contact: Paul Johnson – email:  Phone: 202-225-0453

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, Colorado: contact: Mike Curto – email:  Phone: 202-225-4761

Congressman Cliff Bentz, Oregon: contact: Briana Connolly – email:  Phone: 202-225-6730

Congressman Don Young, Arkansas: contact: Nicole Desrochers – email:  Phone: 202-225-5765

Congressman Doug Lamborn, Colorado: contact: James Thomas – email:  Phone 202-225-4422

Congressman Tom McClintock, California: contact: Kyle Campbell – email:  Phone: 202-225-4101

Congressman Jody Hice, Georgia: contact: Nathan Barker – email:  Phone: 202-225-4101

Congressman Daniel Webster, Florida: contact: Jessica Thompson – email:  Phone: 202-225-1002

Congressman Russ Fulcher, Idaho: contact: Matthew Keenan – email:  Phone: 202-225-6611

Congressman Tom Tiffany, Wisconsin: contact: Henry Allen – email:  Phone: 202-225-3365

Matt Rosendale, Montana: contact: Jason Hoffman – email:  Phone: 202-225-3211

Congresswoman Yvette Herrell, New Mexico: contact: Doug Levine – email:  Phone: 202-225-2365

Congressman Jay Obernolte, California: contact: Reid Dagul – email:  Phone: 202-225—5861

Contacts for the Senate Natural Resources Committee:

Senator John Barrasso, Wyoming: contact: Brad Bunning – email: Phone: 202-224-6441

Senator Maria Cantwell, Washington: contact: Megan Thompson – email:  Phone: 202-224-3441

Senator Martin Heinrich, New Mexico: contact: Maya Hermann – email:  Phone: 202-224-5521

Senator Catherine Cortex Masto, Nevada: contact: Connor Higgins – email:  Phone: 202-224-3542

Senator John Hickenlooper, Colorado: contact: Julia Barry – email:  Phone: 202-224-5941

Senator James Risch, Idaho: contact: Ayla Neumeyer – email:  Phone: 202-224-2752

Senator Mike Lee, Utah: contact: Sam Crofts – email:  Cole Lacroix – email:  Phone: 202-224-5444

Senator James Lankford, Oklahoma: contact: Valerie Manak – email:  Phone: 202-224-5754

Senator Bill Cassidy, Louisiana: contact: Cole Simons – email:  Phone: 202-224-5824

Senator Cindy Hyde Smith, Mississippi: contact: Christopher Miller – email:  Phone: 202-224-5054

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