Hello and Happy Wednesday to everyone! THANK YOU! To everyone who took the time to make a donation to us yesterday on Giving Tuesday!  We are keeping this campaign open through the remainder of this week!  You can find ways that you can donate listed on our website: Chasing Horses Wild Horse Advocates believesContinue reading “Thankful!”

Now what? (and answers to other questions)

Hello and Happy Sunday to everyone! If you are like us, after these last two months of literally unraveling the Draft EA that Theodore Roosevelt National Park released in September of this year, you feel A LOT like Boomer right now!  There have been a few questions floating around that we wanted to answer today:Continue reading “Now what? (and answers to other questions)”

Grateful ~ Thankful ~ Blessed!

“What greater thing is there for human souls than to feel that they are joined for life – to be with each other in silent unspeakable memories.” – George Eliot I cannot tell you how many silent unspeakable memories the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park have given me!  On a day when we celebrateContinue reading “Grateful ~ Thankful ~ Blessed!”

CHWHA/AWHC Joint Comment Letter

Hello again and Happy Wednesday! Thank you for taking a moment to check back in with us as we are on the eve of the Thanksgiving holiday! Have you sent your comment letter to Theodore Roosevelt National Park yet?  CHWHA has spent the last two months explaining the Draft EA and giving you talking pointsContinue reading “CHWHA/AWHC Joint Comment Letter”

The “No Action” Alternative

Hello and Happy Tuesday to everyone! Our talk with Castle was uploaded to our YouTube channel last night.  You can view it here: We have also uploaded a new series of short videos that you can share to help raise awareness that THIS FRIDAY – NOVEMEBER 24, 2023, is the LAST day that theContinue reading “The “No Action” Alternative”