After decades of attempted eradication, advocates fear wild horses in western North Dakota face bleak future

We mentioned a few weeks ago that we were blessed to be able to spend a day at Theodore Roosevelt National Park with Patrick Springer from the Fargo Forum and Frank Kuntz who has been advocating for these horses for over 40 years now. The story can be found on the Forum’s website here: reading “After decades of attempted eradication, advocates fear wild horses in western North Dakota face bleak future”

Articles in the Fargo Forum

Patrick Springer is an awesome reporter in North Dakota that has been writing about the plight of the wild horses that call Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora home for a few decades now. He has recently released a few more articles. We hope that you will consider registering with the Fargo Forum to showContinue reading “Articles in the Fargo Forum”

Questions from March

You may remember that in March of this year, Theodore Roosevelt National Park invited the public to submit questions regarding the management of the wild horses and their new “Livestock Management Plan”.  Understandably, there was a limit to the questions that could be answered on that Zoom conference.  The park did state that they wouldContinue reading “Questions from March”

Research Library

Have you checked out the Research Library section of our website? We are constantly updating this section of our website as new articles and information come to us.  We just added a couple of new articles again today! We have been collecting information, articles, videos for about 6 years now.  If you have informationContinue reading “Research Library”

TRNP Wild Horse Portal FAQ Updated

Theodore Roosevelt National Park updated its Frequently Asked Questions page recently!  You can check out the questions and answers here: During the Zoom Civic Meeting on March 30th, the Park said that they would be continuing to answer questions through the wild horse portal as well as posting questions that were asked during theContinue reading “TRNP Wild Horse Portal FAQ Updated”