Will They Actually Read That?

A lot of you have asked if the Park will actually read through the 12 lb package we sent them.

They have to read our comment letter – AND YES! They do have to read the supporting documentation! Every page of it now counts as part of our official comment.

We hope that all of you have submitted your comments!  We asked and were granted an extension on the deadline for submitting comments for this phase of the public comment period! We knew this was important given our extreme weather this week.  ALL comments now either need to be uploaded to the website here by April 18th: https://parkplanning.nps.gov/commentForm.cfm?documentID=119270

Or have to be POSTMARKED by April 18th if you are mailing them in!

Our full comment letter can be viewed in the library section of our website or by clicking here:

American Wild Horse Campaign and the Cloud Foundation have also shared sample comments that you can use to personalize your comment. We discussed them in several blog posts but you can find them here: https://chwha.org/2022/04/14/new-comment-deadline-april-18th-what-you-need-to-know/

We hope you understand why we have not been out “Chasing Horses” as much lately.  The initiation of this wild horse management plan is the most important thing that has happened to these horses for at least the last 44 years.  It SHOULD be what EVERYONE who advocates for these horses is talking about.  Decisions made through this process will impact this herd for years to come!  Their last Environmental Assessment (EA) was done in 1978!!!! Pretty pictures of the horses and new babies don’t mean anything if the park succeeds in taking the current herd of 190 horses down to 30-70 or 15-30 in the other option that puts them behind a fence as a nonreproductive herd! 

We are also relieved to have an experienced legal team like Eubanks and Associates working with us.  We NEED them to help through this ENTIRE process! We need your help and support to ensure that can happen!  Our current legal bills are approximately $9,900.00!!!  We have 30 days to raise that money and pay our invoice!  We have some of it but need your help to make sure we can continue have them working with us to make sure the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park get the best management plan possible!  If you look at the 1978 EA – it is easy to see WHY we need them working with us throughout this entire process!

There are several ways you can help us listed on our website: https://chwha.org/support-chwha/

Thank you for your support!!  TOGETHER – WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!!

Chasing Horses Wild Horse Advocates is committed to advocating for a wild horse management plan and protection for these unique wild horses that call Theodore Roosevelt National Park home!  We are fighting for a management plan that is guided by science especially when it comes to decisions regarding the removal of horses and the administration of birth control.  Many other wild horse management plans have proven to be successful with their science-based plans.  We are asking for the same for this amazing group of wild horses that call Theodore Roosevelt National Park home.

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  1. I am very sorry that I did not stumble upon this resource a year ago, I would definitely have participated in this project. But I want to express my admiration for the work done, bravo!

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