It’s a NEW week – 22 days to go!

Hello and Happy Monday!

It’s a big week for those of us who advocate for the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park!

The week started YESTERDAY with our webinar that we co-hosted with our friends at Save our Wild Horses ( and Equine Collaborative International, Inc. (  Thank you again to everyone who attended.  We did post the link to the recording in our blog post yesterday (  THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time to write and comment to us how helpful our presentation was!  We are glad that we were able to add some clarity and answer some of your questions.

After the presentation yesterday, I spent a few hours on the phone calling some of our state legislators.  We are trying hard to get a resolution passed asking our federal delegation for help to keep the wild horses IN Theodore Roosevelt National Park – where they always have been and where they always should be!

One representative I spoke with suggested that everyone in North Dakota keep writing to our state legislators and that EVERYONE writes to the members of our state’s Energy & Natural Resources committee members.  You can find those lists in our Calls to Action posts here:

This particular representative that I spoke with stated that there isn’t anyone he has talked to that is against what we are asking.  The question is what good will a North Dakota state resolution do when this is a federal issue?

We discussed how it was obvious that this was a case of federal overreach as Theodore Roosevelt National Park has shown that they DO NOT understand the culture of North Dakota and the values we have when it comes to these iconic wild horses with their recent decision to eliminate the ENTIRE herd of wild horses from the park.  Further, the park shows no regard for the importance of these horses to the tourism industry, which is North Dakota’s #3 economic source. 

I did explain to him that we are working with other national wild horse advocacy groups and are trying to get other federal support BUT it is hard to ask federal representatives from other states for help when it LOOKS like no one in North Dakota seems to be willing to fight to keep these horses in the park.

If NOTHING else, a state resolution will show that our state has done all that is within their power to try to keep these horses.  The presentation of this request by the state of North Dakota to our federal delegates would hopefully help open their eyes to the wishes of the residents that elected them to office!

Have you sent your letters yet?  If you have, have you received a response?  If not, please send them again!

Heather from Save our Wild Horses said something yesterday and it is true – EVERY LETTER COUNTS!

This morning I sent this legislative contact a list of talking points that he can share with his peers.  Over the next couple of days, we will be busy writing something that he can use as he and some of his peers work to draft a resolution. 

This morning I contacted Senator John Hoeven’s office.  Senator Hoeven is on the federal senate subcommittee on National Parks.  The Senator has yet to give a formal comment, aside from encouraging everyone to be a part of the virtual scoping meeting this Thursday and to get their comments into the park by January 31, 2023.  His office suggested that we use the strength of our following to make sure that everyone submits their comments.

Since the person I spoke with was not able to answer some questions that we feel are important, we left a message with his office in Bismarck, requesting a meeting with the Senator so he can answer our questions for us. We will keep you posted on how that develops.

CHWHA is also reaching out to local businesses to help spread the word and get support.  Today, we spoke with the executive director of The North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame.  He stated that he was with us – the horses need to stay IN the park! 

It is amazing to see how our support is growing! 

PLEASE REMEMBER: No matter what other calls to action you are answering to try to help these amazing wild horses that call Theodore Roosevelt National Park home, the BIGGEST Call to Action is to get your comments into the park BEFORE January 31, 2023.

Thank you for your support and have a GREAT week!

Chasing Horses Wild Horse Advocates is committed to advocating for a wild horse management plan and protection for these unique wild horses that call Theodore Roosevelt National Park home!  We are fighting for a management plan that is guided by science especially when it comes to decisions regarding the removal of horses and the administration of birth control.  Many other wild horse management plans have proven to be successful with their science-based plans.  We are asking for the same for this amazing group of wild horses that call Theodore Roosevelt National Park home.

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