Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Have you been reading through the Foundation Document?

Did you notice this GEM – the Foundation Document OF COURSE lists the Park’s Purpose Statement:

Theodore Roosevelt National Park ALSO gave us the Park’s Purpose Statement in their December newsletter where they told us about their plans to eliminate the ENTIRE herd of wild horses from the park:

Notice an EVER SOOOOO SLIGHT difference in the two?



The use of the word NATIVE in front of the word wildlife is like a bomb exploding in front of every horse that calls the park home.  THIS is a BIG part of what the park is using to tell us why the horses can no longer stay within the park boundaries.  According to information that the park is willing to accept, the wild horses are not NATIVE and according to the Park’s Purpose Statement, ONLY NATIVE wildlife is allowed within the park.

That’s either one BIG typo OR

A clear sign of some deception on the part of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park to change the narrative to fit their goals.


Shall we keep this Sunday Funday going?

We will share one more VERY interesting discovery with you in another post so be sure to check back!

TOMORROW we need everyone to put their advocacy hats back on and roll up your sleeves! We will have more Calls to Action for this week!

Thank you for your support!

Chasing Horses Wild Horse Advocates is committed to advocating for a wild horse management plan and protection for these unique wild horses that call Theodore Roosevelt National Park home!  We are fighting for a management plan that is guided by science especially when it comes to decisions regarding the removal of horses and the administration of birth control.  Many other wild horse management plans have proven to be successful with their science-based plans.  We are asking for the same for this amazing group of wild horses that call Theodore Roosevelt National Park home.

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