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We are EXCITED to announce that North Dakota Senate Concurrent Resolution 4014 passed UNANIMOUSLY in the ND House today!!!  You can watch the House video here:

The House reverted to the ND Senate version which means that SCR 4014 is done!

The North Dakota Secretary of State will now send copies of the resolution to the Secretary of the Interior, The National Park Service Director, along with our federal delegates – Senator Cramer, Senator Hoeven & Congressman Armstrong asking that they do what they can to help keep the wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Remember, this is simply an ASK from the state of North Dakota. 

The Fargo Forum reported on this story today:

The article shares a statement from TRNP Park Superintendent Angie Richman:

“Regardless of what decision is made, the park will have to reduce its horses to meet the population objective of 35-60 animals under the park’s 1978 environmental assessment, Park Superintendent Angie Richman has said.”

We know that a MINIMUM of 150-200 animals is needed for a genetically viable herd of horses.  Her statement is disturbing and would still mean that 125-150 of the wild horses that currently call the park home would lose their freedom.  Her statement also doesn’t speak to why they are bothering with an Environmental Assessment this year if their plan is to continue managing under the outdated 1978 plan. 

This fight is far from over.  Today is a huge victory, but really, it is just the state of North Dakota advocating WITH us to try to keep the horses in the park.  ND House Minority Leader – Representative Boschee explained it clearly with us last Friday when he joined us for our Horse Talk.  You can watch the video here:

We need your help to save this herd.  Please consider making a donation to support our advocacy work.  We apparently STILL have A LOT of work to do! There are a number of ways you can help us listed on our website:

Thank you for your support!

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