National Help a Horse Day!

Hello and Happy Wednesday! More importantly, today is National Help a Horse Day!

This has been a week JAM packed with amazing speakers, wonderful new friends and allies made and I have to tell you – some pretty amazing Horse Talks will be coming up!

I had a very interesting conversation with Eric Molvar that only ADDS to the conversation with Ross MacPhee from Sunday.  I will probably not get those thoughts together until I get home, but I know you will be very interested to hear what these two amazing men had to say!

Yesterday we handed out about 70 of our packets.  Monday we handed out about 50.  Today, on our last day in DC, we have to get 140 packets into the hands of the right staffer in different congressional and senate offices.  For context, it took us about 3 hours to get through the 70 packets yesterday! 

We also have Congressman Armstrong’s scheduling staffer in contact with us already this morning.  She is trying to arrange a few minutes for us to meet with the Congressman in person TODAY!  Stay tuned!  His office DID give us a couple of passes to visit the Capitol building.  Here is hoping we get through our packets in time to enjoy the passes!

Now that we have told you how we are working to help a horse today, what will YOU do to help a horse?

One easy thing you can do is contact your own congressman or senator.  Our friends at Save Our Wild Horses have a link to help you find the contact info for your federal delegates:–reps-contact-info.html

You can keep your message as simple as:
               “Please help us do better to protect wild horses on ALL public lands” or “Please stop funding the BLM’s cruel treatment of our wild horses with our tax dollars!”

Thank you again for your support and have a GREAT National Help a Horse Day!

Chasing Horses Wild Horse Advocates is committed to advocating for a wild horse management plan and protection for these unique wild horses that call Theodore Roosevelt National Park home!  We are fighting for a management plan that is guided by science especially when it comes to decisions regarding the removal of horses and the administration of birth control.  Many other wild horse management plans have proven to be successful with their science-based plans.  We are asking for the same for this amazing group of wild horses that call Theodore Roosevelt National Park home.

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