NEW Call to Action~ 5/1/2023

Hello and Happy Monday to everyone! We hope you had a GREAT weekend!

We want to take a moment to reiterate to you feedback we received during the Save Our Wild Horses Conference: WE ARE DOING IT!  We are creating change needed to help save the TRNP horses.  People feel that we are doing the right things and getting the right attention.  There are several things we are doing that other groups will now be trying to incorporate into their own advocacy work. 

THAT is not ME – that is a result of all of us and our tireless efforts to fight to save the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park!

It is equally important for you to understand that WE ARE NOT DONE YET! Despite the growing support these horses are receiving, THEY ARE NOT SAFE YET!

Our first goal is to get a proper management plan written that allows for a genetically viable herd of horses.  All we can do about that (for now) is to continue to raise awareness about these horses while we wait for the Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) to come out.  According to the email we received from NPS Regional Director Herbert Frost, the Draft EA is now expected to be out this summer. 

To continue to raise awareness, we are doing things like adding a billboard along I-94 to help educate people traveling to Theodore Roosevelt National Park about the current plight of our iconic wild horses.  We have been advertising in horse expo programs, like The Minnesota Horse Expo.  We are holding “Horse Talks” that give different perspectives to these wild horses and wild horse advocacy in general.  Daily blogs, meetings with congressional staffers, – whatever we can do with literally whoever will listen to save this amazing herd of wild horses. 

The bigger picture is to get these horses protected under a FEDERAL PUBLIC LAW. 


If we are successful in saving these horses NOW – through this management planning process, NOTHING stops the park from coming back again at another time with the same attempts to eradicate this herd.  They are NOT protected under the Wild Horse & Burro Act – so their right to live wild and free in the only home they have ever known is literally at the mercy of the National Park Service.

There is a 75-year history showing us EXACTLY what that looks like!

This was a BIG part of why we were in Washington DC.  We lobbied members of congress for help and support to get these horses protected under public law, like the way the wild horses at Cape Lookout National Seashore are protected under PL 105-229. 

Now it is time to follow up our Washington DC trip! 

I personally walked over 90,000 steps in Washington DC talking to as many congressional staff members as possible about the wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park and wild horses on the western range. 

It is important to explain that I can now send follow up emails and said I/Me in a singular sense, or we can add power to those 90,000 steps and let those contacts know that I was only there representing the concerned followers from Chasing Horses Wild Horse Advocates.  I was one voice speaking for all of you.

We will have some NEW Calls to Action coming from that perspective. 

I also want to address that I know many of you are EXTREMELY upset with Congressman Armstrong for NOT coming out to support the horses staying in the park ~ YET!

THAT is the #1 thing we are going to address.  The #1 question I received in my over 200 talks with congressional staff members last week – what is Congressman Armstrong’s position?  It did not matter if I was in a US Senate or US House building. 

I also want to share that we were told before that congressional members do watch social media and other news outlets for mention of their names. Congressman Armstrong’s staffer that I spoke with, Nick, shared that he heard me on one of the ND morning radio talk shows.  He is in Washington DC.  That speaks to how much they do pay attention. 

So, for those of you who are upset about Congressman Armstrong NOT showing support for the horses, we have a few things you can do to help.

One, I have sent a follow up email to Nick with Congressman Armstrong’s office.  I am asking that you also send the email below to Nick as well (feel free to customize it – just stay calm, respectful and focused) .  You can email Nick at

Hello!  I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for taking the time to discuss the Theodore Roosevelt National Park (TRNP) wild horses with Christine Kman while she was in Washington, DC last week.  Christine was there representing all of us at Chasing Horses Wild Horse Advocates.  I am one of the voices she represented in her meeting with you.  I hope that you have had the chance to discuss your meeting with her to Congressman Armstrong, along with the additional information that was emailed to you after the meeting.

As you are aware, Governor Burgum did a ceremonial signing of ND Concurrent Resolution SCR 4014 last Friday.  This reiterates Governor Burgum’s commitment to keeping a genetically viable herd of wild horses IN TRNP. 

As North Dakota’s only elected federal congressional delegate, Congressman Armstrong was elected to carry the voice of the people of North Dakota to Washington on federal issues.  The people of North Dakota have spoken loud and clear on this issue. We want the wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park to be allowed to stay IN the park.  There are valid historical, scientific, cultural, and economic facts that support what we are asking from the park.  The recent FOIA documents shared with us from American Wild Horse Campaign also call into question the lack of transparency and accountability from Theodore Roosevelt National Park management.

We are asking again that Congressman Armstrong support the wild horses staying IN Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  If this is not something that the congressman can do at this time, then he owes the public an explanation as to why he chooses to stand apart from the rest of our local, state, and federal legislators who want the wild horses to remain IN Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

I look forward to the congressman’s response.

The second thing you can do is comment on Congressman Armstrong’s social media posts.  It doesn’t matter what the topic of the post is – simply saying “Please support the TRNP horses” on his posts will also help get a message across.  You can view Congressman Armstrong’s Facebook page here:

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas you may have on how we can effectively advocate. 

Remember, we went to over 200 offices while we were in DC.   We – COLLECTIVELY – have A LOT of follow up emails to send! 

Thank you for your support and have a GREAT day!

Chasing Horses Wild Horse Advocates is committed to advocating for a wild horse management plan and protection for these unique wild horses that call Theodore Roosevelt National Park home!  We are fighting for a management plan that is guided by science especially when it comes to decisions regarding the removal of horses and the administration of birth control.  Many other wild horse management plans have proven to be successful with their science-based plans.  We are asking for the same for this amazing group of wild horses that call Theodore Roosevelt National Park home.

6 thoughts on “NEW Call to Action~ 5/1/2023

  1. The horses need to stay in the Park. But if you think they need to be gone, then might you also consider getting rid of the Maltese Cross Cabin, the scenic loop road, the visitor center, the campground and picnic area as well as all other man made features in the Park.

  2. I come out at least 12 a year to see the horses without them ill find a place closer to home too camp an go hiking so please don’t remove the horses!!!!

  3. We came to North Dakota specifically to see these horses. They truly represent the spirit of the west as it was in the time of TR. Don’t remove this important part of our country’s heritage!

    it would make the leaders here look SO BAD, you’d lose face & $$$.

  5. Let them be free! People enjoy seeing them and travel to see them. Gotta generate some revenue for the area. Why remove them… been that way forever! Not progress by removing them…we won’t get a “do over” on this, so do it right! Leave them alone!

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