It’s a Process…


We have been talking a lot about different things being worked on as we all wait for the park to release their Draft Environmental Assessment (EA).  Today I have some exciting news to share.  I have to reiterate that WE ARE NOT DONE YET!  These horses STILL are NOT safe – the park is moving forward with their plans to eliminate the herd.  They are engaged in a NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) process.  The Draft EA will be telling to how much they have taken the over 19,000 public comments into consideration.

In the meantime…what do we do?


We continue to build our case.  We strengthen our support.  We advocate from EVERY possible angle!

Chasing Horses Wild Horse Advocates has been doing just that from DAY 1!

THAT started with our North Dakota State Legislators drafting and passing North Dakota Senate Concurrent Resolution 4014.  We have since found out just how HUGE that one step in our process to save these horses is!  We now also have the MHA Nation who drafted their own resolution and just a few weeks ago, the City of Medora drafted their own resolution.

If you also remember, at the time all this started, ND Senator John Hoeven was on the National Parks committee.  He reached out and organized a meeting with interested parties like: ND Governor Doug Burgum, Our ND State Legislators, ND Attorney General Drew Wrigley, National Park Service Director Sams, and Superintendent Angie Richman. 

While Senator Hoeven is NOT on the National Park’s committee anymore, he IS on the Appropriations Committee. 

The Appropriations Committee holds the purse strings of our federal government.  Every year, every department in our government’s budgets HAVE to be approved.  THAT includes the Department of the Interior, the agency that has jurisdiction over the National Park Service.

Senator Hoeven’s office has remained engaged in the fight to save the wild horses (and longhorn cattle) that currently call Theodore Roosevelt National Park home.  WHAT Senator Hoeven CAN do as a member of the appropriations committee is add language to the Interior Department’s Appropriations Bill. 

TODAY, I had an AWESOME phone conversation with Senator Hoeven’s office.  I have been watching the Senate Appropriations hearings and yesterday the Interior Appropriations Bill was being marked up.  I emailed Senator Hoeven’s office this morning and received both a phone call and an email.

The following language has been added to the Senate Appropriations report for the Interior Department’s Appropriations Bill:

“Theodore Roosevelt National Park.–The Committee recognizes that livestock has been present within Theodore Roosevelt National Park since the park was fenced beginning in the 1950s. The Committee understands the Service is undertaking a planning process to determine the appropriate way to manage livestock within the park. Options include continuing to follow the 1970’s management plans for the park, which accommodate keeping a limited number of livestock on the land. As this process continues, the Committee urges the Service to consider maintaining the historic scene commensurate with the historic herds during the period when President Theodore Roosevelt was a rancher in the area.” 

You can read the full US Senate report here:

This is a HUGE step in saving these horses!  Senator Hoeven’s office said that they worked with the National Park Service on the language that was added to the Interior Appropriations Bill. 

Again, this does NOT mean that the horses are safe.  We are ALL – and that includes Senator Hoeven’s office – waiting for the Draft EA to come out. 

EVEN if the park decides to keep the horses, we don’t know how many horses they will allow or what other stipulations there may be outlined in the Draft EA. 

I also want to share and say THANK YOU to our North Dakota State Legislators again.  Eric explained again today the important role that our North Dakota State Resolution played in this happening.

What happens now?

Since the US Senate version of the Interior Appropriations Bill is different than the US House version, this bill will now go to a special committee – similar to what happened with SCR 4014, so that a final version of the bill can be passed.

We are excited to share this with you because we know that sometimes it seems like NOTHING is happening or people mistakenly think that there is NOTHING to do right now. 

There is ALWAYS something that can be done. 

Know that we are doing everything we can to help save these horses. Some things, like this, we just have to wait for the right time to be able to share publicly. 

The addition of this language in the interior Dept. Appropriations Bill is another step, just like SCR 4014 was a step in our process to not only save these horses, but get them protected under a Federal Public Law. 

THIS is the short-term federal support we have been talking about!

Pat yourselves on the back!  THIS is amazing! Also, please understand, we are STILL a LONG way from saving this herd. 

TODAY is a good day! 

Senator Hoeven’s office also asked us to remain engaged with his office and to share our thoughts about the Draft EA when it comes out! We also cannot stress enough how important it will be for EVERYONE to make sure they comment during the next public comment period.

Please be sure to send Senator John Hoeven a note of thanks for remaining committed to saving the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park!

THANK YOU for your patience and support and for being in this with us for the long haul!  Remember – we STILL have A LOT more work to do! 

Chasing Horses Wild Horse Advocates is committed to advocating for a wild horse management plan and protection for these unique wild horses that call Theodore Roosevelt National Park home!  We are fighting for a management plan that is guided by science especially when it comes to decisions regarding the removal of horses and the administration of birth control.  Many other wild horse management plans have proven to be successful with their science-based plans.  We are asking for the same for this amazing group of wild horses that call Theodore Roosevelt National Park home.

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