If you remember our blog post yesterday, we referenced one of the documents that the park released to the public – NPS 2022h.  This document recorded a 3 day meeting between NPS personnel to discuss how they were going to “connect the dots” for the public about their need to remove the horses from the Park. 

Well folks – we called it!

In our blog yesterday we said this:

“Because things like this tend to mysteriously “disappear” (like the Jenny Powers YouTube video) we have downloaded the documents, we have sent the link to the Wayback Machine, we have taken screenshots of the page and printed the full document list.  Hard lessons learned! “

And just like that – it no longer is on the TRNP Park planning website!

No worries – we downloaded the document and in case you didn’t get it from our blog yesterday – here it is for you today.

There OBVIOUSLY is MAYBE a thing or two that the Park doesn’t want the public to see!

If you haven’t read it yet, this should prove to you that it is ABSOLUTELY worth reading.

The meeting should be fun tonight!

See you there!

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