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Hello and Happy Wednesday!

I recorded the meeting last night on my phone so that I could give you a proper recap today.  As I started listening to the recording, I apologize, I just couldn’t stomach the BS – AGAIN!

So, to recap last nights civic engagement meeting – let’s quote Aerosmith:

“It’s the same old story
Same old song and dance,

****in case this song is now stuck in your head – feel free to jam out on Youtube:

Moving on…

We have a NEW Call to Action for you today.

Remember: EVERYTHING goes back to the Purpose and Need statement in the Livestock Plan. 

Part of that purpose and need now includes talks about the Interior Departments Bison Initiative.  I will talk about this in greater detail later today as part of our blogs to help you write impactful comments. 

Today’s Call to Action is for everyone to send an email to Secretary Haaland.  When you click on this link –, it will also send the email to President Biden, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, Vice President Harris along with our North Dakota federal delegates: Senator Hoeven, Senator Cramer, and Representative Armstrong. 

The following email is what will be sent at the link above, feel free to customize it if you feel the need – this letter is NOT like the public comments, we CAN all send the same message!

Secretary Haaland:

I am writing to you today to ask for your assistance in helping to keep the wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. 

As I am sure you are aware, Theodore Roosevelt National Park is currently engaged in a Livestock Planning process that will determine the fate of the wild horses.  That fate seems to be predetermined as two of the three alternatives call for the complete removal of the horses and a third option would remove 150 of the 200 horses who currently call the Park home. 

One of the reasons that the Park is citing for their removal in their “Purpose and Need Statement” is Secretary Order 3410.

I applaud the Department of the Interior and their efforts in this Bison Initiative.  The truth is that Theodore Roosevelt National Park has been operating well above the compliance of this order long before it was initiated in 2008. 

While the strong ties that the Indigenous people have with bison is clearly understood, throughout North Dakota, the horse also holds cultural significance especially to the people of the “Horse Nation”.  The horse holds important cultural and historical significance to the people of North Dakota and the many visitors to Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  This was made clear as just under 20,000 people commented in the last public comment period with only 45 of those people supporting the Park’s proposed action to eliminate the herd. 

Your order also mentions that this plan should:

“Collaborate with states, Tribes, landowners, conservationists, and other interested parties toward shared bison stewardship that respects livestock health, private property rights, Tribal sovereignty, and state interests in wildlife management.”

Local area tribes, state and federal officials as well as other North Dakota state agencies have come together offering to help and support Theodore Roosevelt National Park in whatever ways they can to help keep the wild horses within the Park’s boundaries.  There is no doubt that these same entities will also work with the Park to ensure that BOTH a healthy wild horse herd AND a healthy bison herd continue to thrive within the boundaries of Theodore Roosevelt National Park for generations to come.

I am asking you to commend Theodore Roosevelt National Park for their dedication to the bison initiative.  I would also urge you to direct Theodore Roosevelt National Park management to allow a genetically viable herd of horses to remain within the boundaries of the park.

Thank you for your consideration.

Will this help? 

ONE letter from ME will NOT help I assure you. This same letter from the MILLIONS of people who follow this herd would surely get some attention. 

Will it hurt?


Again, I will ask to those MILLIONS of people –


The clock is seriously ticking for our beloved Theodore Roosevelt National Park wild horses. We have the intent of the Park in writing! By this time next year, these horses could all be gone!  Even under the “no action alternative – Alternative A” – 150 of the almost 200 horses would be removed. Yes, they told us that last night!

One of our friends said this in a post today: “Keep your feet planted and all our arms intertwined, it’s harder for them to push us!! “

We have other Calls to Action we are working on along with some meetings this week.  We have to keep on keeping on.

We only get one chance to save these horses!


Thank you for your support and be sure to check back later for another blog on how to write an impactful comment.

One thought on “CALL TO ACTION – Bison Initiative

  1. If the current bison herd in TNRP is 100 bison over the target range, it is obvious the Prairie ecosystem at TRNP is not only supporting the current herd at a healthy level, but also is supporting the healthy wild horse herd of nearly 200 wild horses.
    The bison and wild horses are seen at TRNP peacefully coexisting and grazing on the abundant and healthy Prairie ecosystem of TRNP. Therefore, this is not a viable reason for removing the healthy wild horse herd from TRNP

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