Basic Comment FAQ’s

“You are not defeated when you lose. You are defeated when you quit.” ― Paulo Coelho

It’s been quite a week!

Always interesting and so many twists and turns!

I keep getting asked about this comment period:

“What should I comment?”

“How long should my comment letter be?”

“Should I EVEN bother to comment?”

For starters, EVERYONE needs to comment!  This is your last chance to speak up for the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park!

We are sharing a series of posts, and will continue to, on different topics that you can include in your comment letter.  We started with two basic thoughts – keeping the “livestock” argument alive and also pointing out in your comment letter the problems with the “Purpose and Need” statement in the Draft EA.

Those are two things that we feel EVERYONE should comment on. 

Today we will start discussing other topics that you can include in your comment letter.

And then for added fun this week, we have another wave of misinformation making its way around this topic:

“The park already said it would not consider my option, so I should not bother commenting.”

“Telling the park that I won’t return if they remove the horses is enough to say to be an impactful comment.”

“The TRNP Draft EA is not factual.”

“I can only choose from the three alternatives the Park gave in my comment letter”

“I cannot suggest any of the alternatives the Park eliminated in Appendix D of the Draft EA unless I have new information to share.”


Currently the public comment period ends in 13 days on October 25, 2023.  Chasing Horses Wild Horse Advocates has formally requested an extension from the Park.  We are still waiting for their response.  You have plenty of time to comment so please do not rush to send in your comments.  If you have already commented, you can comment multiple times – there is no limit on the number of times you can submit a comment. 

Our friends at Equine Collaborative International (ECI) will be hosting us in a Zoom TOMORROW (10/13/2023) the event is FREE but you do need to email  them to reserve your space:

By the way, our friends at ECI featured our horses in their latest issue of Groundwork. You can read the article here:

Be sure to check back later for impactful topics you can add to your comment letter.

Thank you for your support. Have a great day.

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