NEW Horse Talk with Jen Britton!

We are excited to announce a NEW Horse Talk!

Our friend Jen Britton will be joining us on November 18th at 4 pm MST for a NEW Horse Talk!

Jen’s topic will be:

Making the Case for Protecting Wild Horses: A Social Sciences Perspective

From Jen:

Emerging research in paleontology has been helping wild horse advocates better understand the evolutionary history of horses in North America—this science has been a critical resource in our advocacy toolkit. Although the social science and humanities research defending the presence of wild horses in US public lands is thinner, it also offers powerful ways to advance wild horse advocacy. Along with my husband, Christian Hunold, who is an environmental political theorist, I have been working on building the scholarly foundations of wild horse social science. I will share some of the knowledge we have established in our research, as well as some of the arguments for protecting wild horses from fields like human-animal studies, compassionate conservation, and feminist science studies. I will also offer a comparison of how wild horses are managed in different national park properties like Assateague Island National Seashore and the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.

A little about Jen:

Jen Britton lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is a nature, wildlife, and wild horse photographer who visits and documents wild and free-roaming horses and burros around the US. She has an MS in Science, Technology & Society (STS) and is Drexel University’s Executive Director for Sustainable Development Strategy, a role in which she leads Drexel’s institutional climate action planning and sustainability initiatives and strategies. As part of a research team with Christian Hunold, Professor of Politics at Drexel, she has published research about wild horses in the journals HumanimaliaAnimal Studies JournalBorderlands, and Society and Animals. As a volunteer for Assateague Island Alliance, she created the first educational field guide for park visitors about the island’s wild ponies. Jen also works on research and analysis in the higher education community engagement and anchor mission spaces, publishing on institutional strategies and practices in Metropolitan Universities journal.

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