Contact Your Congressman   


Please DON’T!

Several pages are directing their followers to contact their state and federal legislators to ask them to help save the Theodore Roosevelt National Park wild horses.  We have been asked repeatedly why we are not participating in this Call to Action.

Quite simply there is absolutely NO reason to contact any of them! 


#1 – and I can’t stress this enough – TIMING IS EVERYTHING!!!

Right now our North Dakota state legislators are getting called back into session.  Things on that front are hectic and chaotic. 

Have you seen what’s happening in Washington politically on the news?   I am not sure if we even have a functioning House of Representatives.  Not to mention the budget deadline looming, Israel, and Ukraine – just to name another hot spots in our world today. 

#2ALL of our North Dakota state legislators AND Governor Doug Burgum AND Senator Hoeven, Senator Cramer, and Representative Armstrong – ALL support keeping the horses in the Park AND they are ALL doing everything they can to make sure the horses stay there.

#3 THERE IS CURRENTLY NO ‘PROTECTIVE LEGISLATION” to tell your congressman to support!  We have been trying to get federal protection for these horses since 2019 – we have not been able to get congressional support.  The ONLY current federal action being taken was already done and completed by Senator Hoeven when he added language to the Senate report for the Interior Department Appropriations Bill.  THAT IS DONE – OVER – FINISHED – COMPLETED!! Federal law takes YEARS to pass.  Maybe a simple civic lesson will help:

There is no legislation that has been drafted. There is no sponsor for a bill. There are no committee meetings on the TRNP wild horses happening. HOWEVER, Senator Hoeven has stated that he WOULD sponsor legislation to protect the horses – but not yet. We have to get through this process. So let’s not upset one of our biggest allies in this fight by pressuring him to do something he is NOT ready to do and by having his peers question him further on this issue.

I PROMISE YOU I am PERSONALLY in constant contact and meetings with key North Dakota state legislators, Governor Burgum’s office, ND Attorney General Drew Wrigley’s office, and Senator Hoeven’s office – that is along with the State Historic Preservation Office and ND Game & Fish.  Just like yesterday when we asked you to send a letter to the State Historic Preservation Office, WHEN AND IF there is a need to contact ANY state or federal legislator, we will let you know!

Those  meetings are part of what is currently limiting my time to write the blogs you guys are asking for.  They are coming!  Please be patient!  Remember – timing is EVERYTHING and I have A LOT to juggle at this particular moment in time!

For now, let’s let them focus on the things that are demanding their attention without them getting irritating messages to support something that they already do.

Thank you for your support and have a GREAT day!

P.S. THANK you again to ECI for hosting us yesterday in a GREAT zoom talk!  Barbara has said that a recording will be available soon and we will share that when it is available to us!  Thank you to everyone who attended!  A LOT of GREAT questions were asked! 
Our friend Heather from Save Our Wild Horses will be hosting us next Friday (10/20/23) This event is also FREE, but you do need to send Heather an e-mail for the link to join:

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