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Hello again!

We have an update for you on another way that you can get your comment to the North Dakota State Historic Preservation Office.  Please sign our petition! https://secure.everyaction.com/Af1717oXqU2wTrcB0Yz6jw2

We will collect names through 11/3/2023 and then send the entire petition along with a letter from our organization citing pertinent documents to the North Dakota State Historic Preservation officer.  You are STILL also welcome to send a snail mail letter into the office.  And yes!  You CAN do both!

IF you also want to send a snail mail letter, your letter can be customized in whatever way you choose, but please, use these lines specifically:

I am writing to request that the wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park be considered a significant historical and cultural resource to the state of North Dakota.

Your letter should be sent to:

North Dakota State Historic Preservation Office
612 E. Boulevard Ave.
Bismarck, ND  58505
Attn: Bill Peterson

In case you missed our earlier blog post, here is some information for you:

As part of FEDERAL LAW – there is a 1966 federal Historic Preservation Act law as amended requires all public agencies to cooperate with State Historic Preservation Offices in protecting historic resources by making a determination of historic significance and any potential negative effects of proposed actions.

It starts with the State Historic Preservation Officer (Bill Peterson) making a determination if the property (in this case, the National Park) is historically significant according to NPS National Register guidelines.

A lot of State Historic Preservation Office staff time is necessary to make a meaningful review, so the determination letter is usually quite short and not supported with much narrative. Something like, “of course it’s historically significant under NRHP criterion “A” for the Park’s “embodiment of broad patterns of historical events associated with the design and construction by NPS and other federal agencies (CCC, WPA) cooperating with the North Dakota State Historical Society, to establish a memorial park in the North Dakota Badlands commemorating the influence of that landscape on President Theodore Roosevelt.”

At a minimum, IF the State Historical Preservation Office finds the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park to be historically and culturally significant within the state of North Dakota, it will help strengthen our argument for a detailed Environmental Impact Statement to be performed INSTEAD OF a FONSI (Finding Of No Significant Impact) – which is what the Park wants to do!

The State Historical Preservation Office tries to formulate an informed judgment based on evidence.  They DO understand how this process works, though, so important to let them know that the public is concerned.

We are asking again, PLEASE sign our petition and/or send a snail mail letter to the State Historic Preservation Office.  I know – snail mail letters are a pain!  But what will be a bigger pain is if the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park are removed from the boundaries of the only home they have ever known.  THAT is the reality of where we are folks.  Please take 5 minutes to sign our petition and send your letter!  You DO NOT have to live in the state of North Dakota to have your voice heard. 

Thank you for your support and PLEASE share this information far and wide.  THIS is a REAL way you can help make a difference in the outcome for the wild horses that call Theodore Roosevelt National Park home. 

We KNOW from NPS 2022h that the Park is concerned about Section 106 and no doubt meeting with the North Dakota State Historic Preservation Office too.  Please make sure this office hears from you as well!

Thank you for your continued support and for fighting so hard with us to save this herd!


38 thoughts on “Historical Preservation Petition

  1. The historical long time presence of the beautiful horses born and living their lives in TRNP in Medora and the amazing ND Badlands has to be preserved and honored for many years to come. These amazing horses are not livestock but feral and independent of any care but instead their bond with each other is so deep and void of human care. Honor their ND heritage and let them continue to run wild and free for many years to come. TRNP and the horses and Buffalo draw many thousands of tourists and commerce to ND.

  2. Why they would consider this is hard to understand. We need to preserve every last thing in nature we still have. Once gone it’s gone forever.

  3. Wild horses are critical historical monuments to American history which deserve Government protection on all levels.

  4. Wild horses belong in America. They symbolize our history and the history of our indigenous people. I would love to visit a national park where I could see them roaming free. Please do NOT remove them!

  5. I have not been to TRNP yet but I definitely want to go to see the history of the area which includes that of President Theodore Roosevelt and to experience the wild horses who have graced the park for countless generations. Get rid of the oil drills that mine the park horizontally and surround the boundaries of the park but keep our cherished wild horses and bison.

  6. The government does not know how to “manage” anything, much less our American totally unique heritate of wild horses. Teddy would be pissed.

  7. We need to protect are wild horses and let them live out there lives wild. Don’t round them up they are to beautiful to not let them live.

  8. These horses are stronger, healthier and better bred by their natural instinct than any of the man bred horses in our country today. It might be a good idea to breed some of these wild horses to our domesticated horses and start a whole new breed of American Mustangs. Just a thought.

  9. People unite for Americas Wild Horses & Burros. They are swiftly being erradicated by the BLM. Our government needs to hear thousands of voices pulling for the safety of our Federally Protected horses & burros. Our national heritige is being erased on all fronts to please big corporations and ranching Help is needed NOW!!!

  10. We must make sure that these wild horses are protected no matter what because I care about them as much as domesticated horses and we need to make sure they are treated with respect and not rounded up by helicopters.

  11. Some people say that the horses are not native. I beg to differ. These horses have been on this land for generations. They do not know any other life but Wild and Free. Please keep these horses on the land. They are such family oriented animals and to break their families up is very disheartening. They show the culture and the basic value of what went before. Please keep the horses on this land.

  12. One can never erase history, and the TRNP mustangs are part of our American History and need to be preserved by the only National park in this United States

  13. Leave our wild horses alone. Why do you want to eradicate them? This is just wrong and an ignorant idea.

  14. Leave the horses alone, they deserve to live free and wild. Financially they benefit the state from the tourism aspect .

  15. The wild horses are a viable resource to all the park’s habitat…. Removing them is a mistake….

  16. Save the wild horses! They need to stay on the land, Wild & Free!! The horses are an important part of our American Heritage!!
    Save the horses! Fire the incompetent BLM!!!

  17. It is like a plague crossing our country, that is getting rid of wild horses just for the sake of more grazing areas for cattle and sheep! This has to stop and agencies recognize the historic value of these herds, especially in national parks. Scholars have proven their origin over and over, but agencies still want to call them feral without paying attention to facts!! The extreme bias shown to cattlemen, grazing associations, and livestock companies is evident in every state where the horses have been rounded up, also in proposed roundups and trappings ! These agencies are working on the assumption that most advocates are unintelligent and too emotional!! That is far from the truth. The millions of dollars spent in this state and others certainly shows that people in our country and around the world appreciate the peace and animal species in the park and want to visit there. No one will ever visit just to see thousands of cattle or sheep!! Theodore Roosevelt said this park and animals should be preserved for our generation and future generations to see and enjoy!! He certainly did not mean for the park to be turned into a commercial enterprise for the benefit of a minority!! No matter how much money these groups have to lobby with they should not take over the American Dream of our taxpayer supported Publc Lands and National Parks ! Thank you for your attention!!

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