Sunday Checklist – ways you can help TODAY

Hello and Happy Sunday!

We have 19 days left in the public comment period on the Draft Environment Assessment for the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  If you have not made your comment yet, here is the link to comment:

Please note: The link above is the ONLY way that your voice counts in this current comment period.  Comment letters must be sent to through the link above or by mailing it to the Park. Comments on our posts, blogs or other social media posts, including the Park’s Facebook page DO NOT get counted into the administrative record.

We have several tips and documentation for you on our website to help you make a SUBSTANTIVE comment.

We will also be sharing more tips this week.

We need your help to spread the word and get as many people as possible to comment!

A few easy ways you can help:

  • Share our social media posts!  We have also created several graphics that are available on our Facebook page that can be easily shared to help raise awareness for this public comment period.  We have also added some of them to our website for you to download and use:
  • Share our YouTube videos!  We have a widescreen version and a mobile version available!
  • Help us pass out our FACT sheets!  These can be put out ANYWHERE – it doesn’t have to be in North Dakoka!  If you would like some of our handouts, please email us at
  • Please help us with our advertising expenses!  We have spent over $2,000 advertising on social media, our local newspaper and online ads over the last couple of weeks!  We have 19 days left and need your help to continue this push!  Our website traffic is up 90% over the last 7 days and most of that is due to our advertising!  We are also engaging just under 200,000 people on social media!!!  Please help us keep this momentum going! Any amount will help! There are several ways you can donate:
  • If you have not signed our State Historic Preservation Office petition, please do!  TODAY is the last day we are taking names!  We will be mailing this off tomorrow! 

This week is getting busier every day!  We will be speaking at a local Kiwanis meeting and also have a Giving Hearts Day meeting!  We are working on some NEW Horse Talks and will have details soon!  We also did a wonderful podcast last week and should have that link for you soon too!

Thank you for your continued help and support! 

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