And then there were 7…

Hello and Happy Wednesday!

Just 7 days left to get your comments into Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Superintendent Richman STILL has not responded to our extension request.  So much for all of the caring about the public and the agency transparency she promised at the civic engagement meeting.  We will update you when and if she answers our request. 

Chasing Horses Wild Horse Advocates does have talking points as well as documents that you can use to state your case on our website: We have a few more documents we will be uploading soon.

Please don’t forget to share our NEW videos!  They do a great job highlighting the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park and sharing their plight.  We added a full screen version today: and there is also the version that is best viewed on your phone or mobile device:–Ilo.  Thank you to our friend Dickon at National Geographic for helping us with these!  Watch for more videos to be released soon!

We are pushing hard from a new angle to try to save these horses.  We will discuss this more in the coming days, but know that meetings and seemingly endless phone calls have been demanding our time. 

We DO have a NEW zoom meeting coming this FRIDAY (10/20) with our friend Heather from Save Our Wild Horses.  The event is FREE but Heather does ask that you email her to get the zoom link:

We also have the zoom meeting we did with our lawyer Matt from Eubanks and Associates on our YouTube channel.  You can view it here:

Our friends at Equine Collaborative International also have made their zoom available to the public.  You can view the ECI zoom here: Passcode: k!1qDdXU

Both zoom meetings had a variety of great questions that were asked! 

You can also always send us an email at or private message us through any of our social media channels with your questions.

Please make sure you sign our petition asking the North Dakota State Historic Preservation Office to declare the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park historically and culturally significant.  You can sign the petition here: – THANK YOU to the over 1500 people who have signed this petition so far!

Thank you for your support and have a GREAT day!

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