Horse Talk: Craig Downer

Hello and Happy Saturday to everyone!

If you missed our Horse Talk yesterday with wildlife ecologist Craig Downer, the technology gods were good to us this time!  We just uploaded the video to our YouTube channel. You can view our talk with Craig here:

A little about Craig Downer:

Craig has defended wild horses/burros against attacks for over 40 years and observed many of the West’s colorful herds. He has studied the endangered mountain tapir and is president of the Andean Tapir Fund, also dedicated to saving wild horses/burros ( A member of the IUCN Species Survival Commission and board member of The Cloud Foundation, he enjoys nature photography and musical composition, lives in Nevada, and is proud companion of mustangs Lightning, a palomino stallion, and Princess Diane, his curly mare, both of whom he knew in the wilds of NW Nevada before they were captured by BLM in 2010. He is a professional wildlife ecologist and has authored scientific and popular articles and books.

Many of you have asked about Craigs books and published papers.  We will include them at the end of this blog. 

Thank you for joining us again, Craig!  We appreciate your support in our fight for the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park and for your lifelong advocacy for wild horses everywhere.

Craigs work can be found at the links below. 

Happy reading!

Craig’s website:

You can order Craig’s book The Wild Horse Conspiracy on Amazon Here:

The book can also be ordered directly from Craig for a personalized copy and he also includes other material and also offers his musical piano CD, 45 minutes, w/ 13 medleys entitled Wild Horse Rhapsody.  You can email Craig at for info on how to get your personalized copy of his book.

Craig’s 501(c )3 non-profit The Andean Tapir Fund

You can sign up to be on the Action Alert list.

Here is Craig’s important Reserve Design and Rewilding project:

Here are some of the major articles and publications that will help everyone understand in greater depth and be more effective in this very important cause to restore the naturally living horses and burros and their habitats at long-term-viable levels:

This is Craig’s teport on Carbon Sequestration and Global Warming Combatting superiority by Horses and Burros:  An even better link to this is at

Craig’s latest expose is at 

Other important published works/videos by Craig Downer can be found at the following links:’S_SULPHUR_and_CONGER_HERD_MANAGEMENT_AREA/ This is Episode 4: The Professor.…

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